Ashtanga Yoga

Is a set sequence of postures which flows from one to the other using the breath to heat the body. Postures can be adapted for all levels.

Beginners Yoga

Perfect class if you are new to yoga, returning to class after a break or recovering from an injury or just want a nice all over stretch.

Yin Yoga

Stretch from head to toe in this Yin Yoga class giving our bodies the plenty of time to relax and lengthen. In Yin Yoga poses are done from cold and you very gently and slowly enter the pose using time and breathe to go deeper and deeper into the posture. Facia (connective tissue) surrounding the muscles has time to release and lengthen.

Yoga by candlelight

This is a lovely gentle class working on opening the hips, shoulders and improving flexibility on the spine all to nice music and candles, Perfect way to end your day.

Men’s Yoga

The benefits of yoga for men is not only physical but also the mental benefits helping to relieve stress using breathing techniques. Working increasing flexibility, strength and posture.

Hatha Yoga

Postures are held for longer periods of time building strength, working on alignment and working with the breath.

Yoga workout/ Yoga power flow

These classes are designed to work on strengthening the body holding postures for a longer Period of time. Strengthen core and lower and upper body.


Working on core strength , posture , flexibility and balance. This class is designed to strengthen the body and working on alignment of the spine and hips.

Body conditioning

Strengthen and tone your whole body in this class